Objectives and Activities

The objectives for which the Society are:

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information on the practical and scientific aspects of design, construction, operation, repairs and maintenance of marine machinery, structures and vessels and related fields.
  • The improvement of marine machinery, structures and vessels and all that specially appertains to them

In order to achieve these objectives, the Society shall, among their activities

  • Promote the bringing together of the results of practical and scientific¬†experience¬†of all those concerned with the design, construction, operation and repairs and maintenance of all marine machinery, structures and vessels; the value of these results being enhanced by their publication, examination and discussion by the Society.
  • Encourage and promote the carrying out of experiments and other enquiries intended to assist the advancement of knowledge in science, technology and management of shipbuilding, ship repairing, marine engineering, shipping and related fields.
  • Arrange for the discussion of scientific advancement, new invention and materials having an application to marine technology, and
  • Advise on those matters of professional importance relating to Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, their education and training which are properly the concern of a professional body.