CCTM Lectures

Lecture No. 01 - 09 Jan 1987
Title Ocean Horizons - Astern And Ahead
Speaker Prof. J B Caldwell, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Lecture No. 02 - 13 Jan 1988
Title Structural Adjustment And Integration of Ocean Shipping
Speaker Prof. E G Frankel, MIT
Lecture No. 03 - 13 Jan 1989
Title Nurturing Creativity And Expediting Innovation In The Maritime Community
Speaker Prof. Emeritus Harry Benford (Formerly With Michigan University)
Lecture No. 04 - 19 Jan 1990
Title Human Element In Shipping
Speaker Dr Helmut Sohmen, Chairman Worldwide Shipping
Lecture No. 05 - 18 Jan 1991
Title Hull Structural Failures And Repairs
Speaker Prof. M Mano, Kinki University
Lecture No. 06 - 15 Jan 1992
Title IMO And The Future
Speaker Mr William O'Neil, Sec IMO
Lecture No. 07 - 27 Jan 1993
Title Maritime Arbitration - Christmas, Crisis Or Crossroads
Speaker Mr Bruce Harris, President, Lone Maritime Arbitration Assoc.
Lecture No. 08 - 12 Jan 1994
Title The Future Of Maritime Safety
Speaker Prof. Richard Goss, University of Wales College of Cardiff
Lecture No. 09 - 13 Jan 1995
Title The Role Of Classification In Maritime Safety
Speaker Mr James D Bell, Perm Sec, IACS
Lecture No. 10 - 30 Jan 1996
Title Human Element In Maritime Safety And Marine Pollution Prevention
Speaker Rear Admiral James C Card, Chief, Office Of Marine Safety, Security & Environmental Protection, USACG
Lecture No. 11 - 10 Jan 1997
Title International Shipping And The Environmental Challenge
Speaker Mr Sven Ullring, President, DNV
Lecture No. 12 - 16 Jan 1998
Title Raising Equity Through Stock Exchanges: The Shipping Companies Case
Speaker Prof. C T Grammenos, OBE, Head, Shipping Trade And Finance, City University
Lecture No. 13 - 15 Jan 1999
Title The Crisis in Asia and World Shipping
Speaker Jarle Hammer, Fearnleys
Lecture No. 14 - 28 Jan 2000
Title The Development of Ships and the Future Role of Class
Speaker Dr. Hans G Payer, Executive Board, Germanischer Lloyd and Chairman of IACS
Lecture No. 15 - 30 Jan 2001
Title Maritime Education in the New Millennium
Speaker Prof. Chengi Kuo, University of Strathclyde
Lecture No. 16 - 18 Jan 2002
Title Oil and Gas Production in Deep Water: The Technology and Prospects for the Asia Pacific Region
Speaker Prof. Minoo Patel, University College London
Lecture No. 17 - 17 Jan 2003
Title Marine Safety Perception & Reality
Speaker Mr. Frank Iarossi, ABS Chairman & CEO
Lecture No. 18 - 04 Jan 2004
Title LNG - Challenges and Prospects
Speaker Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Hassan Marican, President and CEOPETRONAS
Lecture No. 19 - 25 Jan 2005
Title "La Passion"
Speaker Frederick Chavalit Tsao Chairman IMC Pan Asia Alliance
Lecture No. 20 - 24 Jan 2006
Title An Apprenticeship Journey
Speaker Charles Foo MD (Special Projects) Keppel Offshore & Marine, Singapore
Lecture No. 21 - 24 Jan 2007
Title Promoting the Shipping Industry
Speaker Mr Chris Horrocks, Former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping
Lecture No. 22 - 16 Jan 2008
Title Marine Insurance: Past, Present and Future
Speaker Nick Sansom, Senior Vice-President & Head of Marine, Asia - Marsh (S) Pte Ltd
Lecture No. 23 - 13 Jan 2009
Title Offshore Engineering Research and Education
Speaker Prof Choo Yoo Sang, National University of Singapore
Lecture No. 24 - 27 Jan 2010
Title Singapore Vision 2025 - A Global Maritime Knowledge Hub
Speaker Mr. Sven Urllring, Chairman of the Maritime R & D Advisory Panel for the MPA of Singapore
Lecture No. 25 - 03 Dec 2010
Title Nuclear Energy and Maritime Activities
Speaker Professor Sir Eric Ash (BSc and PhD, Imperial College London; CBE, FREng, FRS)
Lecture No. 26 - 11 Jan 2011
Title The Offshore and Marine Industry and the Water Story: A Common Heritage
Speaker Mr. Tan Gee Paw, Chairman of Public Utilities Board (PUB)